Eligibility of the Sponsor

Not with standing being a Canadian citizens or Canadian permanent resident, the sponsor must meet certain prerequisites/requirements for Family Class Immigration Sponsorship.

Sponsorship candidates/applicants are liable to the following requirements:

  • The sponsor must exhibit the fiscal/financial capacity to give the Family Sponsorship immigrant and dependents with their basic needs, should they be unable to accommodate themselves, including the following:
    • Nourishment/food, clothes, shelter and other essential necessities of ordinary living; and
    • Dental and eye care, and also other health needs, not secured by public health services accessible to every single Canadian citizen and Canadian permanent residents.
  • The following understandings must be gone into with the Canadian Government or Government of Quebec:
    • The sponsor must accept to provide the immigrant with basic requirements for an endorsed timeframe; and
    • If the sponsored relative is more than 19 years old and not elderly, and the sponsor guarantees to sponsor the supported person(s) for a recommended timeframe, the sponsored person(s) must ensure to make every effort and attempt to become self-supporting.
  • The sponsor must have either:
    • Physical residency in Canada; or
    • For Canadian citizens sponsoring a common-law partner, spouse, dependent child, or conjugal partner, and exhibited intention to dwell or reside in Canada when the sponsored family members come to Canada as a permanent resident.
  • Likewise, the Sponsor must be no less than 18 years of age, not in jail or prison, not bankrupt, not under a removal order (if holding a permanent resident), and not accused of a genuine or serious offense.
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