At WSIC we offer this option to those clients who would like to be fully represented on their individual applications.

After the free Initial Assessment if the client wishes to take our full representation without the Initial Consultation, we will provide an estimate of the fees we would charge.

We usually charge a flat rate fee for most of the immigration categories we decide on taking. You would provide us with the details and documents through the list provided to you after the retainer agreement is signed and paid for. We will make every effort to check them and help complete your application and submit it on your behalf. We do not stop at that – we will guide you through the whole immigration process and communicate with IRCC on your behalf if and when required. Should you be invited for a selection interview which in many cases is not, we will fully prepare you for this interview.

Since the fee varies from application to application, and if you wish to retain us for full representation, we suggest you fill out the assessment form through our link www.wsic.ca/assessment-form, and based on the category we will provide you an estimate of fees.

The estimate or the actual cost we provide does not include provincial and federal government processing fees, courier charges, translations or notarization of documents, medical examinations, police clearance checks, Credit card charges (For payments made through credit cards using our website link www.wsic.ca/pay-by-card/) or any disbursement fees. Government process fees, Credential Evaluation fees, would be on the retainer provided.

Choosing this option and signing the retainer would allow us to act on your behalf in submission of your application and representing you in front of IRCC. 


We would review your application, check on all your supporting documents to make sure it’s complete and free of any errors, which could or may cause the application to be refused or returned. of course you would complete all the paperwork and the application package before it can be reviewed by us.

We would quote you depending on the category you will be applying under, therefore email us to info@wsic.ca with details to get the fee we would charge for reviewing your application.

Please note: If you choose this option, we will neither submit the application on your behalf nor act as your representative. 


These Initial Consultation is done by Senior Canadian Immigration Consultant Mr. Younus N. Safdari.

This is neccessary as it helps in understanding the client’s profile and to discuss on possible options.  We recommend Online Initial Consultation for everyone specially for our esteemed overseas clients and this option is very cost-effective choice for clients who need to have their specific questions answered.

Phone/Zoom/WhatsApp Initial Consultation:

Clients IN CANADA:

  • 30 minutes paid  Initial Consultation session – $110 CAD + 5% GST
  • 60 minutes paid Initial Consultation session – $200 CAD + 5% GST
  • 60 minutes paid Initial Consultation session – $375 CAD + 5% GST (IN-PERSON)


  • 30 minutes paid Initial Consultation session – $105 CAD * (ONLINE)
  • 30 minutes paid Initial Consultation session – $55 CAD * (ONLINE FOR OUTSIDE CANADA STUDENTS ONLY)

Contact us for to find out about our Business Immigration Full Panel Consultation (FPC) charges.

To book your Phone/Zoom/WhatsApp consultation, visit our link www.wsic.ca/book-ic/ fill out the details and choose the best option from the drop down menu of the fees which matches your need or email us on info@wsic.ca to have your Initial Consultation form sent to you. Clients can pay online for the IC through our link www.wsic.ca/pay-by-card .

After the form and the payment is received you will receive an invoice and a confirmation email with date and time of your scheduled Initial Consultation.

Although the Phone/Zoom/WhatsApp Initial Consultation fees is non-refundable, the above fee is creditable towards your full retainer fee, adjusted fully through your final payment.


In person Initial Consultation fee is $375 CAD for each fraction of the first hour and is most suited for clients who need personalized service and to have their specific questions answered face-to-face. After the first hour, the cost is $50 CAD per half an hour or part thereof.

In person appointment could also be booked in similar way as Online above, through our link www.wsic.ca/book-ic/ or by emailing us to info@wsic.ca

Although the In Person Initial Consultation fees is non-refundable, the above fee is creditable towards your full retainer fee, adjusted fully through your final payment.


Free initial assessment enables our prospective clients to learn about their immigration options as well as understand what services can be provided to them. During the free initial assessment we will assess your individual case and provide you with the most suitable category of immigration to Canada, and answer your general question about immigration to Canada. We do not answer specific questions tailored to your case during the initial assessment. If you need to have your specific questions answered or you wish to be fully represented in your immigration process to Canada, we have options available above for you.

For your free Initial Assessment, we would request you to fill out the assessment form through our link www.wsic.ca/assessment-form/


We are regulated by College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) and so are required to have Retainer Agreement with each of our Clients. Our Retainers are based on different category of Immigration a client chooses based on their qualification into that category. At WSIC we normally charge a flat fee. Generally, we require a retainer equal to half the legal fees being charged based on again the category of application we would submit to IRCC on client’s behalf. The fee and the payment terms depends on the immigration category.


The time required to process an application depends on multiple factors, which maybe beyond the control of WSIC. Please also note that the fees paid to WSIC is for the application process and not for the results. Neither the processing time nor the result of the application can be guaranteed by Licensed Immigration Consultants or Lawyers.


To find out about different Government fees charged by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), click on application fees.


Our fees are subject to change without notice.

* Payments made for outside Canada Clients from within Canada will also be charged 5% GST

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