Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSW)

These applications are assessed based on a candidate’s capacity to economically become established upon moving to Canada.

Since January 1, 2015, Federal Skilled Worker applications are being handled through the Express Entry immigration selection system. Candidates qualified under the Federal Skilled Worker Class should first make an Expression of Interest (EOI) for moving to Canada by making an online Express Entry profile.

Qualification Criteria

Keeping in mind the end goal to be qualified for a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa, Federal Skilled Worker candidates must:

  • Have no less than one year of consistent full-time or comparable paid work experience in the previous ten years in a skilled occupation (National Occupational Classification skill lever 0, A or B) OR Candidate must be qualified for Arranged Employment in Canada with a Labour Market Impact Assessment and a full-time, permanent occupation offer from a Canadian employer and
  • Candidate must pass a base limit of language capacity in one of Canada’s two official languages, which are English and French.


Also, Federal Skilled Worker (Professional) candidates must get no less than 67 points based on Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) immigration choice components.

Those selection variables are:

  • Education: Candidates can be granted up to 25 points for formal education.
  • Language Skills: Candidates can be awarded up to 28 add-up points (24-first official dialect, 4-second official dialect).
  • Work Experience: Under this variable, Candidates can be granted up to 15 points for certain paid, gifted work experience that they have obtained in the most recent Ten years, yet they should accomplish no less than a score of 9 points all together to qualify.
  • Age: Candidates can be granted up to 12 points in light of their age at the time of applying.
  • Arranged Employment*: Candidates can be granted up to 10 points if they have arranged work in Canada that meets certain demands.
  • Adaptability: Candidates can be granted up to 10 points on various elements that demonstrate that they are adaptable to moving to Canada.

When it has been resolved that an applicant meets the qualification and points required, he or she shall prove that he or she has sufficient settlement funds to bolster him or herself and any dependents after his or her landing in Canada. At long last, applicants and their dependents shall likewise experience medical examination and get security clearance as a component of the Canadian immigration application process.

  • Processing Times: The processing times differ starting with one Canadian Immigration Visa Office to another.
  • Processing Fees: The processing fees varies depending on each category and are liable to change.
  • Federal Skilled Worker Application Process: The application process is a detailed step by step process of how your application moves from the point you create an online profile in the express entry pool, to when you get the Invitation to Apply (ITA) and subsequently when you get your PR. Contact us to know more about this process.
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration: If you plan to live in Montreal or another city in the Province of Quebec click here to know more about the Quebec Skilled worker immigration program.

*If you have a valid job offer, your employer must apply for a LMIA. A Labour Market Impact Assessment ensures that employers have made an effort to hire Canadians before seeking foreign employees. For this type of LMIA (Permanent Residency Stream), the government does not charge a fee.

A valid job offer with an LMIA strongly enhances your chances of receiving an invitation to apply (ITA) for Permanent Residence whenever draws occur.

Have your free assessment done by filling out the assessment form through our link www.wsic.ca/assessment-form.

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