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Canada has a well-established position among the world’s leading study destinations; of those, the most popular Canadian provinces were Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec, which between them are home to many of the top universities in Canada.

For those looking to study at an elite university in one of the world’s most developed nations, applying to study in Canada can be an attractive option. A total of 26 universities in Canada feature in the QS World University Rankings® 2014/15, of which three are in the world’s top 50 and 10 make the world’s top 200 – a feat matched only by a handful of other nations. The two highest Canadian entries are the University of Toronto (20th) and McGill University(21st), located in Toronto and Montréal, the two largest cities in Canada. Also within the global top 200 are the University of British Columbia, Université de Montréal, University of Alberta, McMaster University, University of Waterloo, University of Calgary, Queen’s University, and Western University.

New rules that aim to strengthen Canada’s status as a study destination of choice for prospective international students took effect on June 1, 2014. More than 90,000 students come to study in Canada every year and even more come to Canada to learn English or French. Foreign students bring a rich culture to our classrooms. Your knowledge and skills are welcome in our schools. If you are looking to determine the proper school to attend and how to apply to study at the school, we can assist you. We will assist you in the following: School Acceptance: We begin by having a consultation and decide your eligibility. Then we will determine which institution to attend and select a program to study. Once that is established, we will assist you in finding out what the minimum requirements will be for the institution(s) chosen. Study Permit We can assist you in your study permit application after you have received your school acceptance. Permanent Residency We can assist you in determining your eligibility in becoming a Canadian Permanent Resident, either before, during or after your schooling. Having permanent residency can be advantages in a number of different ways, including lower tuition fees.

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